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Ing. Martin Chadim

588 52  Horní Dubenky 33
Mob.: +420 724 374 167
E-mail: info@chadimmlyn.cz



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Tento projekt vznikl za finanční podpory
kraje Vysočina

Fond Vysočiny


Detail [»]
On our bio-farm we breed beef cattle Aberdeen-Angus and we farm 50 hectares of meadows and grazings. The oxherd with a stock bull graze on the grazings round the mill all year round. We gather hay and aftergrass from these grazings and use it as a stock feeding. Runnig of the farm is ecological – natural and free of chemical sprays.

The farm also includes 10 hectares of forestry. The forest stand is of various age and we plant seedings and do thinning. Processed wood is sold as a fuel.

The visit of eco-farm is necessary to arrange in advance.

You can see here: life on the grazings, feeding cows, tagging of calves, rushing of cattle, machines at work…


Sale from eco-farm: Price:

Calf (cca 300kg) 25.000,- Kč

Our bio-farm is a member of the association PRO-BIO [»] and is certified by inspection organization BIOK [»]ONT.